UA-121541997-1 Why we must give men more credit


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Why we must give men more credit

There is a common misconception of feminism, where feminist’s views on equality include hatred towards men. I believe that many women contribute to that misconception without their knowledge of doing so. As equality supports all sexes, today I wanted to point out a few things that we often forget to give the men around us credit for.


Before you start talking about how someone isn’t ‘ man enough ‘ because they didn’t ask you out, when they’re clearly attracted to you, why don't you go and ask the guy out yourself. I have never asked anyone out before, especially when not knowing whether they are attracted to me. A little while ago I decided to do an experiment and asked a guy out. Oh my lord, it is one of the scariest things I have ever done. The fear of rejection, the fear of this person seeing you differently from that moment forward and showing vulnerability can be absolutely terrifying. Instead of trying to insult the man you would in fact like to see more, why not take the first step yourself and show them that they can trust you, that they will not be judged and you are the kind of person thy would feel really comfortable with.

I must say I have got whole new respect for men when it comes to dating. They have an enormous amount of pressure put on them and most of the time, we do not make it easier for them when it comes to dating.


Male suicide being THE HIGHEST CAUSE OF DEATH IN MEN IN THE UK is often referred to as the silent killer. This is a whole different issue, that I will be writing about at some point, however just for this moment, let’s compare the way that women get to deal with mental health problems.

We can go to a female or a male friend get to talk about how hard our week has been. It is socially acceptable for a woman show emotions in any place, as she will receive sympathy.

When a man is going through a difficult time, he's told to ‘ man up ‘ , ‘ stop being a pussy ‘, to deal with his issues in his own head. We are all different in the way that we deal with out issues differently, but we are all the same in the sense that we all struggle with mental health issues at some point in our lives. So next time you see a man who isn’t having the best time, instead of telling him to ‘ man up ‘ , listen to him, show him sympathy, don’t tell him what to do, or how to fix his problems, just be there for him, and make him feel comfortable enough that he knows he can always come and speak to you about things other may consider ‘ emasculating ‘.


Social Media has globally effected our view of ourselves and at some point we all struggle with our image. Women however have SO MANY ways to change or improve the things they might not necessarily be happy about it. I know that I can change my hair, put some make up on and wear all sorts of clothing to ‘ look more attractive ‘. And none of those things are very time consuming either. Men work so hard going to the gym, trying to pick nice clothes that us ladies will approve of. They cannot make themselves look instantly slimmer and taller by wearing high heels or get hair extensions every time the hair trend changes. When you see a man who has made an afford, remember that he will enjoy being told that he looks nice, just as much as you would. So for crying out loud, if you care about the man, tell him he looks handsome!

If you are a man reading this, what other things do you feel that men do not get enough credit for? and for the female readers, what else do you think we can do to look after the men around us better?