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Why I have a new instagram account

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

As many of you have been wondering how come after hitting 10k on Instagram I decided to start a new account, I thought I would not only explain my personal reasons behind starting a new account but also let you in on a few Instagram secrets that you may not

already know.


Although to some 350 likes per post may seem like a good amount, only around 4% of my followers have been liking and commenting on my posts. When you spend so much time, energy and creativity in your content, that little of engagement can be really disheartening. The reason why so little people ahem been ‘ liking ‘ my posts is simply based on the fact that no-one has been able to see my posts, due to being ‘ shadow banned ‘ by Instagram.


Throughout the last couple of years of having Instagram I have used multiple 3rd party apps to edit my photos or to ‘ control ‘ my followers ( unfollowing people, see who's unfollowing me etc) , unfortunately many people aren't aware of the fact that using those 3rd party apps such as Facetune can trigger your Instagram page to be shadow banned. This means that the reach of my posts is very small as Instagram isn't allowing my content to be seem under hashtags or to a majority of my followers. The reason for that is because my account been flagged up as a ‘ fake ‘. Due to the amount of apps now available for people to purchase for both buying followers and engagement, Instagram has become very sensitive to ANY apps you may use. This will vary for everyone, but that's what has happened to my account. Although, you can of course, sign out of all of the apps you might have been using, once your account has been flagged, it's difficult/impossible to get it back to what it was like beforehand. Which is why 6 months ago my photos are getting twice as much engagement as they are now.


EVERYBODY gets ghost followers. A ghost follower is an account that isn't active,meaning nothing gets posted on them and they never like or comment on your photos. Although, I would never be able to get rid of 100% of my ghost followers, unless I was to hire someone to check all my Instagram followers all day, everyday, you can keep them ‘ under control ‘ by either checking and blocking them manually or using an app. However as mentioned previously those apps can killed off your account. I personality, check through all my followers an manually deleted all of my ghost followers.


I got rid of a TON of people who followed me, who did not match the standards I expect of a follower. Everyone has their own right to have create their brand values and I didn't want my account to be full of creeps who followed me to perv on me, instead of having ANY interest in what I do and what message I am trying to put across. This meant that my following became considerably smaller. I want to put value on quality not quantity so I did not see this as an issue, in fact I believe that made my account of a lot more value.


Although I am unsure of the reasons why this has happened, my account and my email has been hacked twice now and it's becoming to much of a risky game. I have seen this happen too often where extremely successful accounts are being hacked and cannot get their profile back. I am done everything that was in my power for this now to happen to my new Instagram.


I believe that my account is big enough to move my followers across where they would ACTUALLY be able to see and engage with my new content. Also my account isn't big enough for it to feel like I am starting all over again. By having this new account I am able to improve my engagement, more people will get to see what I am posting, I REFUSE to use any apps which could potentially jeopardise my engagement. I would rather have a smaller following for my engagement to be higher than have 40K but people not seeing what I am posting. The reason I love blogging is because I get to share with my followers my thoughts on things that are important to me and in order to be able l to do so I need to have a highly functioning Instagram page.

I appear to have already inspired others to try to create a new Instagram page and if this is something you have been thinking of doing, I would highly recommend it.