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Going through a break up is one of the most horrible things one can go through. You feel in pain without suffering from an illness, you're emotionally drained and scared of the unknown. You must be thinking ' Is she crazy?! How is that a good thing ?!! ' well, keep on reading my friend...

As I am sure many of you know, I have gone through a break up last year. I have also gone through 2 breaks ups prior to that, both after 3 year long relationships. I am clearly not an expect on on the matter, but I have figure out how those have effected me in the most positive light.

I decided to put all the anger, the upset, the confusing and every other negative feeling I had into energy to focus on my work. Although, I feel super lucky to have found my passion and know what it is what I want to do in life, you can utilise this energy into any other positive aspect of your life. Maybe you've wanted to get into fitness for ages but you haven't had the drive for it, or you've wanted to travel. THIS IS THE TIME TO DO THAT. Since becoming single and starting to work incredibly hard on what I want out of life, I have been given opportunities that I could have only dreamed of before and I can only thank myself, because I completely committed all of me to my dream.

This is going to be cliche AF, but you really find out who your friends are. Who is going to hold your hands through the frustration and the crying and give you time to readjust, without judging any of your actions. You will also see who only wants to be your friend, because suddenly you have become everyone's best ' clubbing buddy'. These people are wonderful, but now you actually who is really worth making the effort for and stick with forever.

Sometimes you have to be forced into a situation completely out of your comfort zone to learn what your comfort zone actually is. I use to think ( and probably feel ) that HATED to be alone. Turns out, I love it. I love having my own time to wind down, relax and prioritise. I have mentioned this in a previous blog post , but learning to love your own company, is the best thing you can do for yourself.

Once you ' find yourself again ' you actually get a chance to think about what it is what you want. Do you want to be in a relationship? What kind of relationship do you want ? What are you exceptions of others and how are you going to better yourself? What are your standards? I have FINALLY realised what's right and what is wrong, and just because you like somebody or you like the idea of them doesn't mean you should be with them. I could have saved myself a hell time of time if I decided before what it is was that I actually wanted and now that I do, I can honestly say that I am internally a 100% happy.

It's such a shame that I've had to go through so much pain to learn this whole new side to myself, but I wouldn't change a thing, because now, I am actually happy in the present and excited about my future.