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In October 2018 I decided to start a new Instagram. I have written a whole blog post all about why I decided to do ( why I have a new Instagram account ) and it's still the most popular of my blog post up to date. Now that we are a little over a year later I wanted to review this process on whether it was worth it and where I am now.

Growing a social media following takes time, patience and consistency regardless of it is your first time doing it, you’re 100th time doing it and you’re changing your personal account into a business one and me starting a new account has been no different.

Considering that my account was on over 10K, then I deleted any ghost followers which still kept it at around 8K, it has not been easy getting back to that number.

The first month or so was great, around 3K of the people who were following me moved across to my new account, which gave me really high hopes. The good and bad thing is that a lot of new people have; discovered ‘ me and I always discovered a lot of new people, however a huge part of my old following never moved across.

Around this time also was when everyone started to struggle with growth as the algorithm changed YET AGAIN and it took me MONTHS to growth another 2K.

I then reconsidered what I was doing and realised that people weren’t particularly enjoying my content and to be honest, neither did I. I decided to change things around and experiment a little, which is always a risk, some things work better than others but it took me around 11 months from starting the account to get to a comfortable point where I was slowly and still growing, my engagement is good and I am happy and creative with what I am putting out there.

I can’t predict what is going to happen, but I try to focus solidly on the content I am putting out and how happy I am with it rather than how fast I am growing.

If I was able to go back in time knowing what I know now, would I have started it all over again?

Probably yes. In one way, its easy to think that if I stayed with my old account and just did my content the same way I am doing it now, I would likely be around a 20K mark however, realistically my engagement was about half of what it is now,so maybe I would have had a slightly bigger following but my engagement was still poor.

So if you’re thinking of doing the same, just make sure you figure out why you're doing it. Re- starting your Instagram doesn't guarantee you growth and if numbers are more important to you then quality of content and engagement then sticking to where you are might be a better option for you.

I am glad that I started again, although it has given me lots of extra work, it helped me figure out what kind of content I like to create and what my audience likes to see from me.