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I didn’t believe in any kind of age related ‘ crisis ‘ until the 1 of January 2018, when I realised this was going be the year I turn 25.

Being in your mid 20’s, is a very strange age. Half of the people you are surrounded by are either married with children or getting hammered at any opportunity that comes their way. I feel like I am somewhere in between of those two things. Although I know I am ready to be a parent, it’s not something that fits in my plans in the near future, yet the idea of going out clubbing every weekend is truly depressing. Clubbing to me now feels more like babysitting than actually enjoying myself. I find myself wanting to put people in taxis and tell them to get home safe and keeping my eye out on the creepy guy in the corner who has been starting at the girl on the dance floor who could probably be his daughter.

But its not the idea of turning 25 that’s actually scary, it’s the fact that I know 30 is creeping up and I AM NOT READY TO BE 30. 30 means successful career, a stable family life, morgage and wrinkles. I knew it it was time to change my attitude in order to stay sane.

When speaking to the ones closest to me, I found myself being told to ‘ not worry about it, you’re still young ‘ and believe it or not, that didn’t quite cut the mustard.

It wasn’t until my best friend told me that it was’t the 30s I should be worried about but in fact taking advantage of being in my mid 20s and working towards where I could be in 10 years time it’s what’s important. This is when I made a decision about what I really wanted out of life and started putting all my time and energy into it so when I get into my 30s I can actually enjoy it. I found unbelievable comfort in the thought of being successful in 10 years time, finally travelling to the places I have always dreamt of, having the job I have always wanted and being comfortable with who I am.

Having figured out what career path I would like to take, I am now focusing all my energy onto that. I am dedicating every day to working towards this incredibly hard to achieve goal I have set myself. Not fitting into the two categories I have previously thought were my only options and turning 25 have stopped being scary to now. Concentrating of my career is my main priority and now I see that I have so much time to achieve everything I have ever wanted.

As for my 25th birthday, I am going to throw a huge party and enjoy myself like never before, because you can turn 25 once.