UA-121541997-1 International Women's Day - How to be a powerful woman


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International Women's Day - How to be a powerful woman

To celebrate international women's day, here are a few points that I believe you can do to be a powerful woman.

Be brave - stand up for what you believe. Pineapple DOES go on pizza.

Be kind - every time and to everyone.

Be mysterious - we constantly overshare an social media. Keep a little part of you, to you.

Be the boss - ask for that promotion, get that job, start that business.

Don’t compare - you are on your own journey. Everyone has different goals and aspirations and completely different journeys. Focus on yours, never on theirs.

Be sad - when you want to sad. You don’t need to justify yourself

Dance like nobody is watching - or whatever your equivalent to that is. Mine is playing Articulate on a Friday night.

Look after your physical and mental health to look after yourself and the loved ones around you.

Love yourself - because you deserved to be loved.

BE WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU WANT TO BE - because you, girl, are powerful, just as you are!