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How to stop caring about what people think of you

There’s no doubt that the majority of us have experienced this feeling at some point in our lifetime, the feeling of ‘ I hope this person doesn’t think badly of me’. It can even be healthy to reflect on it, especially when it comes to our closest friends and family, as their option may be important to you. But when you start to live your life constantly worrying about weather Rosie likes you, Jack thinks you’re attractive enough and everyone else on your Instagram sees your life as ‘ goals ‘, it’s time to stop and eliminate this kind of negativity from your life. Of course, I have been there too, especially as someone so active on social media, sometimes to the point where I’ve really shown the ins and out of my life, I have OFTEN found myself worrying about what people think about me, whether I’m ‘liked’ enough, and if I felt that someone may like me Id take me REALLY personality and dwell on that, for a long time. I'm a natural people pleaser and fighting my instincts have been difficult at times, but here is a list of tactics I practise, to keep on top of my worth and not waste my time worrying about the opinion of others.


Most of the time the people whom options of you have worried about, worry about what you think of them. Yup, mind-blowing. When you worry about someone likes you, because you’ve seen them on a night out and they ere a bit ‘ off ‘, they were probating nervous to see you, we're trying to make sure you down think that they’re nervous and now worry f you like them. It’s not worth even worrying about it, just be nice to people and if you find yourself worrying about ‘ weird ‘ behaviour of others towards you, remember they either feel the same way or didn’t even notice it.


Be so truly kind to others and that it doesn’t matter what they think of you because you know you’re being a good person. When people are fake to me and I know they’re going to be speaking badly about me, I treat them the same as I would someone nice to me. I down have anything you worry about, the problem is theirs, not mine.


I down know how comforting you’ll find this, but most of the time people don’t care. They’ve got their problems and their own issues and lives to get on with so if you are lay at time wide awake worrying if Claire and Sofia like you, chances are they haven’t been thinking anything on you. And if they did, then they should get busier and not have time to think about you


Being a people pleaser myself I really struggle with this, I always try to text everyone to make sure they’re okay and try to see people as much as possible and it’s never good enough and there's always someone who’s upset and it’s taking me a lot of time to release that the more effort ill make to make sure everyone likes me, the fewer people will like me, because they’ll think I'm doing for the wrong reasons. You can’t live your life for others you have to look after yourself because you'll never be able to please everyone around you.


when you start to behave like a people pleaser, people will treat you like one e.g. the advantage of you and you’ll become a pushover. Starting your ground and being assertive will make it much easier for you and people will respect you for it.


Someone unfollowing you on Instagram doesn’t make you decrease in value. Someone standing you up on a date doesn’t make you worth less. You have to learn what you’re worth and others will treat you with that respect. If they don’t treat you or speak about you the way you’d like them to, it doesn’t matter because their behaviour does not reflect your worth.


When people speak badly about others, it often comes from a negative and jealous place, because they want to have your qualities and are intimidated by your self-assurance and self-respect. If someone walks around saying that you’re a slut for having a one night stand, it’s probably because they’re struggling with their own sex life and sexuality.


Instead of wasting your energy on trying to seem like you have it all together and everyone should like you, focus on getting to know yourself, bettering yourself and be the best persona you can be. If you re internally happy, you won’t care what others think of you.


Get off social media. Whether that means take a break or delete your accounts, you don’t need social media in your life. If you feel like people are judging you by your social media and it starts to seriously affect you, stepping away from it will help you gain perspective and feel less pressured.