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First time getting lip fillers

My lips a week after getting lip fillers

Getting lip fillers is something I have been considering for a little while. Although my lips are naturally fairly big, I really liked the idea of my giving my top lip a fuller look.

As I overdraw my lips anyway, people tend to think that my lips are a lot bigger than they actually are. Getting this treatment done is something that I wanted to do for myself and I wanted my lips to look the same way in real life as they look like in my pictures.

Initially, I wanted to get my teeth done first, before getting some filler in my top lip to give me the smile I have always desired, however an opportunity has come about where I able to get the treatment done sooner than expected so I decided to go ahead with it.

The Klinik | 12 Guildford Road | Brighton

The lovely lady called Vivienne called me for an over the phone consultation to go over ever detail first. Starting with the kind of look I was able to achieve, the treatment itself, any possible side effects and healing process. She was also very determined to understand what results I was expecting, whilst suggesting what she, as a professional thinks will look best.

I must admit that I was concerned about how painful the treatment was going to be. Having had local aesthetic around my lip area before, I remembered being in quite a lot of discomfort.

Before any injections took place, I was given a thick layer of numbing cream to put on my lips. The needle has been inserted into my lip around 10 times, and I swear to you ,the only one I actually felt was the one going into the middle of my bottom lip, and I would only go as far as saying it was uncomfortable.

The duration of the treatment was around 15 minutes and the results were visible immediately.

As you can see on the imagine above, my lips were very red and quite swollen straight after, but the only discomfort I have experienced later on that day, was once the aesthetic wore off and the whole area was just gently sore.

The following day, it’s important to avoid any excessive exercising and exposure to sun, unfortunately as it happens, I was at a festival ( definitely not recommended ) so my lips did swell up quite a lot but I did not find it uncomfordable to eat or drink.

Something else to remember is that you are not allowed to put any product ( but a lip balm with a SPF filer ) on it for the first couple of days.

After 3 days, the swelling went down. I was made aware from the very start that I might feel that my lips look significantly smaller, after getting use to the ‘ swollen ‘ look. I must say, I did need to look at pictures of my lips beforehand to see the difference, but a lot of people feel that way. My lips now are a lot fuller and the shape of them is more even.

There was also a lump in the middle of my top lip,which disappeared after around 5 days.

A week after getting HA Fillers I went back to the Klinik for a check up on the healing process and there was absolutely no issues at that point.

All in all, I am extremely pleased with the treatment, I think the effect is exactly what I wanted, there was nothing to be scared of and I have gained of confidence in my smile. The effect generally lasts between 6-9 months, however this varies based on your metabolism. For some it might last up to a year, but as this is the first time of me getting it done I am unable to say how long it will last for me. I do think that once the effect wears off, I will look into getting it done again at some point next year.

If you have any further questions in regarding to my experience please feel free to leave a comment below or email me directly.


If this is a treatment you are considering getting done, I strongly advise to do your research beforehand.