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© 2020 Ola Johnson.



I thought it would be fun to let you in on a few secrets on things that bloggers and influencers do. This industry seems so glamorous and effortless, but unless you have been in the game for a while, chances are, you have no idea about what happens behind the scenes.


Photoshopping images is no secret. Most people ( me included ) will edit out any imperfections on their skin and give themselves a lovely glow to the skin. Facetune has become a hugely successful app to use for Instagram posts. Not only is it free, it actually gives me an option to completely change your proportions. Getting longer legs or a slimmer waist has never been easier. Personality, my favourite photo editing software to use is lightroom and I would recommend getting it on your laptop, as you won’t loose the quality of picture and can use it throughout your blog or YouTube channel. The weirdest thing I have found myself editing out in my photos are random objects in the background. Like street signs, marks on walls or most recent actual rubbish on the floor.


I’m going to blame this on on the fact that it is still a very new industry, however we DO NOT get paid enough for the work we do. Companies spend millions investing in advertising and since social media, YouTube and blogging have been so influential, using those with a larger following to advertise products is becoming a much easier, better and unfortunately cheaper way of brands promoting themselves. Think about it this way, if a brand targets 1000 established but up and coming bloggers and send them a free product in return for a blog post, we should be super thankful, right? We get a free dress. That’s great. It will probably take us a full day to style the outfit, take the photos, edit them, write the blog post, share it across all of our social media. For a dress, let's not forget. Yet, the costs of the product and postage the brand is spending on this is probably around £10 000. If you consider the fact that brands tend to have a HUGE budget on advertising, let's say £250 000, look how much money they are saving themselves for the free work that the bloggers are doing for them.


If you are serious about being a fashion blogger, you want to make sure that your content is consistent. Nobody in this world has the time to get ready every morning, find the perfect place to shoot the outfit, go home to edit the picture then upload it to Instagram/blog. Most of us work up to around 2 weeks in advance. So although the pictures you see are so varied, the make up, the hair style, the clothes, the locations, chances are all of those pictures where actually taken on just one morning.


The big perk of the job is the free clothing. It would be really difficult to have enough items to shoot if you were to buy all of your clothes. If you have lots of money, you’re sorted but in reality, most of us don’t have the funds to wear something new every day. I don’t know how much of a secret this is, as even massive bloggers such as Sarah Ashford, have admitted to this. Buying clothes to take an outfit pic and returning them is nothing new in the blogging world.


I never really noticed this until it was pointed out to me by my friends, but as a Youtuber, it's the most natural thing to pick up your camera or your phone and start talking. Of course the people around you think you’re talking to them and they end up joining in the conversation. Now, I try to make announcements before filming by loudly saying ‘ I AM GOING TO TALK TO MYSLEF NOW ‘. Often, the way I say something either doesn’t come across right or there's something to improve on, so I might be saying the same sentence 3 or 4 times before you get to hear it. This is hilarious for those who are with me at the time of filming.


Whilst scrolling through Instagram you get to see so many beautiful, happy people with their perfect lives. Its really important to remember that this is an illusion. More influencers than you’ll ever know struggle with depression, anxiety, chronic illness or substance abuse. Luckily, we are trying to make a difference by showing what really happens when the photos are taken. I have fake a smile on camera more times then I like to admit to, but who wants to listen to how sad one is feeling? it’s a tough one. You want to be real to the ones who support you, whilst entertaining them with your content. I do stand by my believe though that you should be honest and show really emotions and if social media is impacting on your life in a negative way, taking a break is a must.