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Best co-working space for freelancers

I am absolutely loving the fact that so many people are starting their own businesses or working as freelances to give them a freedom to work whenever they like and/or from home. Over the last year I have been working away in my little office at my house and although I do love working in at the leisure of my own home, I found myself slightly isolated which turned into a lack of motivation as well as well finding it hard to know when to start and more importantly when you finish.

Platf9m is a co corking creative space, which opened their new site on the side of Hove Town hall just under 2 months ago. They have kindly invited me for a free trail day to find out what they are about and to experience working in an environment with other like minded people.

After the trial day I actually decided to stay at Platf9rm for the following month, as I found myself in a much better head space and it helped me organise my time better. In today’s blog post I wanted to talk you through some of my favourite features of Platfr9m and give you an insight to why it may also be a great place for you.

The Decor

I cannot lie to you, the place is beautiful. The design of the place maintains an office layout yet the decor is a great place to get all the social media photo content you’ll need. From little plants being dotted all over the place to funky, pink, unisex bathrooms. There are many different rooms across all floors and each room is completely different colour and design!

Kitchen facilities

Aside from an actually cafe inside the building there are also kitchen stations where you can help yourself to complementary tea and coffee. I am the kind of person that cannot go through the same without several cups of both of those so that was a huge selling point.


IMPORTANT INFORMATION RIGHT HERE - PLATFR9M IS DOG FRIENDLY. So yes, you can cuddle a ton of pooches on daily bases.

Something for everyone

Platfr9m caters really well to a whole range of audience. There are quiet rooms where - guess what - its completely silent. I like that a lot because I am one of those people who works best in silence with no distractions. There is a ‘ library ‘ tucked up in the attic, open rooms for those who like noise and like to talk to others, a selection of beautiful meeting rooms and phone booths that I enjoyed using for online conferences.

Lovely people

The staff there are fantastic! Super friendly, they even make the effort to learn everyone’s name so you are greeted at the door. Also are you are surrounded by like minded people you can all help each other out and potentially make some new friends.


Platf9rm hosts regular events from International Women’s Day celebrations, to seminars and talks and educations events for specific industries. Oh yeah and on Fridays you can a free beer on the house!

Tech savvy

We all know all important speedy wifi is when working from your laptop and I found the internet not only really fast but great for uploading Youtube videos. The place is also full of usb ports and plugs so you never have to worry about running out of charge.

More information about the co-working and offices spaces