UA-121541997-1 25 lessons I have learned in 25 years


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© 2020 Ola Johnson.


25 lessons I have learned in 25 years

With my 25th birthday just around the corner, I thought I would share with you the things I have learned, discovered, come to terms with and realised that made me happy over the

( almost ) 25 years.

  1. Nothing bad lasts forever. If you're going through a rubbish time, or something unpleasant has happened to you, it will seem like a distant memory before you know it.

  2. Learning to love your own company will be the best thing you'll ever do for yourself.

  3. People will come and go from your life, hold on tight to the good ones and be ruthless with the ones who aren't worth your time.

  4. The things you used to think were 'weird' about you, will become your most incredible quirks.

  5. Take chances and do things that scare you. Even if you get knocked down, you'll still get further than you would have if you didn't push yourself.

  6. Always be kind to the people around you, even if they're horrible to you, don't stand down to their level.

  7. Doing small kind gestures are the most rewarding ones.

  8. Do some crazy, spontaneous shit once in a while. You'll have amazing stories to tell your grandchildren.

  9. Do not regret anything. There is no point dwelling on something that's already happened. ALWAYS look forwards, NEVER backwards.

  10. You will accept yourself the way you are, you just need time.

  11. Figure out what you want, set your standards and don't lower them for ANYONE.

  12. Tell people around you that you love them.

  13. Don't ever hate anyone. There is no point, just set them free instead.

  14. Don't waste time, if you've wanted to do something for a while do it TODAY

  15. Take your mental health seriously and look after it in every way you can.

  16. Don't do drugs. There are a million better things to do with your life.

  17. Don't worry about what people think of you. Not everyone is going to love you, but if you're a good person, you'll have all the people you need.

  18. Eat your 5 a day and drink plenty of water. It's the least you can do for you body.

  19. Don't even go on Social Media if you're already not feeling great. And definitely don't post anything. Go for a walk or have a bath instead.

  20. Don't depend on others, you are the only person you should depends on.

  21. Always try to better yourself instead of trying to change the people around you.

  22. Don't get tunnels in your ears. That shit doesn't grow back.

  23. Allocate some quality time for yourself, whether it's a good night sleep, finding the time to catch up on your favourite reads or do a face mask. Whatever it is that you body needs, find time for that very thing.

  24. Get rid of any kind of unnecessary negativity from your life - jealously, hate, comparison. Just cut it out.