UA-121541997-1 20 THINGS I’D LIKE TO DO IN 2020


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I don’t really like the saying ‘ New Year's Resolutions ‘ as I feel like it already has a negative association so instead, I’m going with ‘ 20 things I’d like to do ‘. This is a much nicer way of making the list achievements without putting pressure on yourself.

Every couple of years I go through a ‘ faze ‘ of wanting to try new things. I always see it as a part of ‘ finding myself ‘ and also I like to think that I’d try 'everything' at least once in my life to see how I get on and maybe, accidentally discover a new purpose in life. I have tried hot yoga and pole dancing and neither of those found to be appealing to me, but here is my list of things I'd like to give a go in the year 2020.

1. A group meditation 

I must say that I have actually done this once, but around 8 years ago, when I didn’t even know what meditation was and only went there to support my friend and keep her company. I pretty much slept the whole way through, and now that I have slightly more experience within meditation and more importantly an actual interest in it, I feel like it's something I'd really enjoys and possibly meet some other like-minded people there.

2. A theme park

Yes, you are reading this correctly, I am never been to an ACTUAL theme park. I went on some small rides when I was a child and not to brag, but I have been on a couple of rides on the Brighton pier, however I have never visited places like Thrope Park or Alton Towers. 

3. Get a tattoo

Oh,it been so long since I’ve gotten a new tattoo. Although it's not something I'd be doing for the first time, I feel like its about time for me to add a little something to the collection.

4. Go on a girl’s holiday

I have never been on a girl’s beach holiday and I can only imagine it perfectly replicates a music video from Little Mix, with trying on outfits, getting ready, drinking cocktails and being sassy. Okay, fine, it’s probably nothing like it, but I’d like to find out for myself.

5. Work trip abroad

This would be HUGE for me, but I have never travelled outside the UK solo. I feel like being given an opportunity to do a job aboard and going by myself would make me feel like a badass girl boss.

6. Go to a women empowerment seminar

I feel like there isn’t a person that wouldn’t benefit from something like this. If anyone has any recommendations for a good one, fire away,

7. Overcome a fear

The list of fears for me isn’t short ( spiders, death, dark, open spaces ) and although I am working on them slowly, it’d be great to get rid of at least one of them, once and for good. I have heard incredible things about hypnotherapy, and although it is pricey I feel like it’d really positively benefit my life.

8. Start journaling again 

I have spoken about this in one of my previous blogs, I use to write a journal for around 8 years. I think if I was to do I again, it wouldn’t be so ‘ pouring out my emotions ‘ but more ‘ note down the points about how you’re feeling ‘. I’m sure I would benefit from this to help me stay on top of my well being.

9. Go rock climbing

I have been trying to go for years and it still has not happened. This year - it's HAPPENING!

10. Attend a red carpet event

I have never been to prom or had an opportunity to REALLY dress up so this would be my prom experience.

11. Do a puppy yoga class

I found one in London that you can do with either puppies, kittens or rabbits. Either way sounds like heaven!

12. Have a solo date

Because you know, If you can't love yourself 

How in the hell you gonna love somebody else 

Can I get an AMEN?

13, Go for a spa weekend

Preferably go on those every weekend, but if I get to go even just the once, that would be amazing.

14. Learn to make sushi

If you didn’t know this about me already, I have O B S S E S E D with Japanese food. I have made sushi at home a few times, using supermarket ingredients but I would love to take a real class where I can learn some top sushi skills

15. Don’t use social media for a full week

It is CRAZY that we live in a world where this is a challenge, but I have not gone that long without social media since 2011… I feel like it’d be really healthy and also help me gain some perspective on what's important in life

16. Make a new friend

Making friends in your late 20s is HARD. ( always this is the first time I used the term the late 20s for myself and I feel a little uncomfortable ) So adults at that age have already created lost friendships with others and they down really plan on letting anyone else in ( and I don't blame them ), which leaves the rest of us super anxious, awkward and confused when we meet someone who wants to make friends because you’re worried that they’re just being nice, because they feel bad for you. A new genuine friend would be great.

17. Start a savings account

It’s been a while since I've had one of those with actual money in it ( I think the most I’ve had in my savings account this year was around £0.35 and that included interest I have earned ). It's a great time to start saving again.

18. Learn self-defence

I can’t believe it’s still something I have never done.

19. Raise money for charity

There never needs to be a reason why one should do such a thing!

20. Forgive and let go 

Of course, I have been hurt in my life, sometimes by family members, sometimes by someone I really care about. Either way, I am very good at hiding how I feel and ignoring feelings of sadness or even resentment although I know they are there. I would like to forgive those who have hurt me and let them go, to start a fresh start. And also use this opportunity to apologise to those I have hurt too.